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About Scrumpoptious Desserts

As a child, Kristine's favorite subjects in school were Art and Science. She also loved to bake. Kristine was always found either lying on the living room floor with her sketch pad and pencils, in the kitchen baking, or in Science class conducting experiments.  Her love for baking and experimenting transformed her into what she is today-a Baker Extraordinaire!


Kristine began experimenting with cake pops with her sister back in 2010. Her love for baking and her passion for creativity and innovation has expanded into creating other desserts as well. Hence, Scrumpoptious Desserts was born!


Scrumpoptious Desserts offers a wide variety of custom desserts, from intricately decorated cake pops to sugar cookies and cakes. They also offer cookie decorating kits and gift boxes for loved ones to enjoy.


Since quality is top priority, you can rest assure that all Scrumpoptious desserts are made from scratch using the most premium quality ingredients available.


Scrumpoptious Desserts believes in providing not only delectable treats that please the palate, but are also visually stunning and appealing to the eye.


Kristine and her team at Scrumpoptious Desserts are pleased to share with you the memories of her youth, her passions of today, and her innovative ideas of tomorrow.  


Thank You for visiting!!!!  



From the Press

If you are looking to order cake pops for any event, you have to try these ones!    These cake pops are very moist and tasty and they come in so many flavors.   If you have a particular theme for your event, I guarantee that you will be extremely satisfied with the result.  And trust me, Scrumpoptious can make any design you request.  I can't wait to place my next order!

I ordered a dozen or so for a family party and they were a hit! They were eaten in minutes and everyone asked where I purchased them from.

I couldn't believe the detail, creativity and effort that was put into making the cake pops.

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